. . . . . . . Woodland Management Works - Permissive path down Incline closed from 10th February - see details on home page . . . . . . .

Welcome to the website of the multi award winning Swannington Heritage Trust.  We have a fabulous group of volunteers who work fantastically hard to achieve amazing things

  • restoring the dilapidated shell of Hough Mill
  • recovering neglected  railway and coal mining sites and managing them as woodlands and grass heathland
  • researching Swannington’s history, cataloguing the archive and publishing historical information
  • running events, tours and talks – although this has halted in 2020 because of coronavirus.



Woodland management works are taking place in this area in February 2021. This work includes improving the site for the safety of visitors and the structural stability of bridges and slopes.  This work will also improve tree health.  This activity is part of a long-term programme that will make the most of this site into the future.  Whilst it may be disruptive for a while, the site will ultimately be better for wildlife, access and long-term tree health.

To enable the woodland management work to take place, the permissive path down the Incline will be closed for the duration of the work.  It is possible that the path next to the railway track and the area around the buildings will also be closed.  Read the Woodland Management Activity notice.  Please follow the on site safety advice.


Coronavirus (Covid-19).  The situation can always change but our present status is:

Walking Visitors – Our public footpaths and bridleway are permanently open.  The permissive paths down the Incline, around the Califat Spinney, Gorse Field and Snibston No 3 are open 6am to midnight.  Please stay safe and apply social distancing as well as treating all gates, signs, benches etc as potentially coronavirus contaminated by a recent visitor, so hand washing or sanitising is important.

Hough Mill – A really difficult decision but the Mill will not open during the 2020 season due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). We take our responsibilities towards our small team of mill volunteers and our visitors very seriously and feel at the moment opening the Mill is not appropriate.  We are reviewing this inline with Government guidelines.

What our visitors say

Swannington Heritage Trust Swannington Heritage Trust Photo

We love sharing photos that people send to us, many thanks to Gary Hawthorne for these fabulous photos. More public provided photos are in our Community Gallery do have a look.