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Califat Books And Research Papers

The plan is to write a suite of books or research papers that together provide a comprehensive guide to all of the research and knowledge of the Califat coal mine.  Just as it is likely that the mine will never again be excavated, it is likely that the depth of research will never be repeated and needs to be physically published in some form to provide a permanent record.  When the first drafts have all been completed and reviewed, decisions will be made on how to proceed, these could include:

  • splitting or combining books, e.g. the cottages book could be split into separate books covering the excavation and the residents.
  • whether to publish as books (perhaps 200 plus copies) or as research papers (perhaps 12 copies for Trust archive, Coalville Library, county records office and others, this recognises that the content is a niche market).


Copies of the first drafts can be provided on request (select History and Archives option on Contacts page)

Califat Coal Mine Swannington – A Quick Guide To Coal Residents Trees And More

This will be a summary of all the others  and also include information about the woodland.  It will thus be the last one to be drafted

Califat Coal Mine Swannington – Alabama Engine House

Builds upon the report by Peter Neaverson to provide colour photographs and a non technical explanation of the excavation of the Alabama Engine House 1993-1999 by Leicestershire Industrial History Society.  Also provides information about the Alabama name.

Requires updates for the Hartley Colliery Disaster 16th January 1862, which could have led to the sinking of the shaft.  Also for the new work on the site that commenced 2022.

61 pages, 4,416kb

Califat Coal Mine Swannington – Califat Cottages and Residents

The excavation of the cottage that commenced in 2016, description of the finds, details of the families who lived there during the 100 years the cottages existed.  Might split between the excavation (still ongoing in 2023) and the residents.

97 pages, 5,782kb

Califat Coal Mine Swannington – Califat Engine House Excavation 2006-2022

The excavation of the engine house by both topic and year.

186 pages, 18,848kb

Califat Coal Mine Swannington – Flooding Fatalities 8th October 1863

(not started)

Califat Coal Mine Swannington – Newcomen (Haystack) Boiler

Requires updating for 2023 conservation work and new shelter

61 pages, 2,892kb

Califat Coal Mine Swannington – Operation 1854-1873

Pieces together information from newspaper reports and other sources for both the Califat mine and other Swannington mines owned by William Worswick as they had a single set of managers and procedures.

87 pages, 3,126kb

Califat Coal Mine Swannington – Overwind Fatality 29th May 1863

Description of the incident, the two miners in the cage, mining witnesses, owners and manager, the coroner and jury plus the inspector of mines.  It provides reasons why the jury may have ignored the coroner’s advice and declared an open verdict.

63 pages, 1,516kb

Califat Coal Mine Swannington – Owners, Engineers and Managers

The Walker, Bailey, Lewis, Gray family, their involvement with the Califat mine and how the coal mining dynasty spread across seven counties.

William Worswick, mine owner, railway contractor and multiple business owner.

Started and 19 pages written so far.

Coal Mines Of Swannington And District

Known coal mines within Swannington, plus those in the vicinity many of which worked coal under Swannington even though the shafts were in neighbouring villages.

Started and 69 pages written so far.