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Califat Stone Fall Fatality 1870

The Death Of George Lawrence Aged 41 Years


The 4th November 1870 Leicester Journal reported:

  • Thringstone – On Wednesday an inquiry was opened before Mr. Gregory, county coroner, into the cause of the death of George Lawrence, a miner employed at No. 2 Pit Coleorton Colliery.
  • On the 26th of October the deceased man was at work for another man making a road up to the stall, where he and the others were getting the coal.  As the deceased was walking from his stall to get a pick to work with, a stone that was being loosened, weighing 10 cwt. to 12 cwt., fell upon him.
  • The unfortunate man received a compound fracture of the right thigh, a fracture of the left thigh, dislocation of the left hip, and fracture of the ribs on the right side.  There were also internal contusions.
  • He lingered till Monday night.   He was 41 years of age.  Verdict – Accidental death.


The 9th November 1870 Derby Mercury reported:

  • Coleorton – Inquest – An inquest was held Wednesday last, at Thringstone, before Mr. Gregory, coroner, upon George Lawrence, deceased, aged 41.
  • From the evidence of William Wain, it appears the deceased was employed in No.2 pit, Coleorton Colliery, and received extensive injuries from the falling of a heavy stone weighing 12 cwt.
  • Dr. Hatchett saw the deceased, the right and left thighs were fractured, and the left hip dislocated.  There were also internal contusions.
  • Verdict – Accidental death.

George Lawrence

George was born in Yorkshire around 1827.  He moved around the country as a coal miner.  He was a collier living in Whitwick when on the 20th November 1854 he married Ann Lakin, daughter of collier William Lakin.

By 1861 George and Ann were living in Wombwell, Yorkshire where George was a coal miner.  They had a nine year old son George born in Swannington.