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George Stephenson and his business associates formed the Snibston Colliery Company in about 1830, after his son Robert had alerted him to the potential while surveying the route of the Leicester and Swannington Railway. Snibston No1 Colliery was behind what is now the Springboard Centre and library in Coalville. The coal lay under very hard green stone, which was a challenge, so a second colliery was sunk and after its 1980’s closure this became Snibston Discovery Park.

The Snibston No3 Colliery was operated 1850-1880, then again from 1892-1895. It was handily located next to the railway track between the Incline and Coalville.

The family of Frank Challoner lived in Colliery House during the 1950’s until its demolition due to subsidence around 1980. Read their memories. See our families page for more information.