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It’s great that people enjoy Swannington village and the Trust sites!  We have created this page to share some of the marvelous pictures we receive. Thank you to all the people who have sent in their photos. You may see related photos on other parts of our website.

If you would like to see your photographs here please email to swanningtonphotos@gmail.com

Photos need to be 1MB or larger to look their best.  Thank you.  

Nicola Bishop has started our gallery off with her family photographs of Easter at the Mill.

Thank you Sarah Huddleston for sharing your ‘Easter at the Mill’ pictures with us!  “We had such a lovely afternoon!  We are happy for our photos go on to the website.”

Drone photos of Hough Mill by Clive Jones. See Hough Mill Today for more windmill photos.

Pauline Eveleigh‘s dog obviously enjoys Swannington’s heritage

Our sites look great all the year round, but are so different when it has been snowing. Debbi Payne is one of many who enjoys walking through our sites throughout the year.

Swannington Incline cutting in the snow - by Debbi Payne
The Incline in May - by Debbi Payne
Hough Mill an island in the snow - by Debbi Payne
Church Lane Bridge on the Swannington Incline - by Debbi Payne

Clive Jones has also taken his drone to the Swannington Incline.

Outline of the winding engine house and cottages - by Clive Jones
A different perspective of the railway track - by Clive Jones
Railway track at the Swannington Incline - by Clive Jones
The pumping rods inspection engine from the former Calcutta pumping station - by Clive Jones