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Welcome to our New Community Gallery!

We hope you will enjoy the marvelous pictures we have received.  It’s great that people enjoy all that Swannington Heritage Trust offers within the village!  Our thanks to all that have sent in their photos.  You may see related photos on other parts of our website.

If you would like to see your photographs here please email to swanningtonphotos@gmail.com

Photos need to be 1MB or larger to look their best.  Thank you.  


Latest images during the Nations Lockdown, kindly shared by Andy Humberston from Facebook, 25 May 2020…






Shared by Andy Humberston May 2020

Kindly shared by Helen Payne and Chris Dobson April 2020

by Chris Dobson
by Helen Payne
by Chris Dobson

Selection from Neil Islington Nov 2019

Adding finishing touches to the mill- Pollynmolly Sept 2019

Moon over the Mill- Stunning image from Tim Jackson Photography Oct 2019

Credit Neil Islington (Instagram) Nov 2019
Credit to Pollynmolly 12 Sept 2019 Credit Pollynmolly (Instagram) Sept 2019
With thanks to Tim Jackson Photography Credit to Tim Jackson Photography 08 10 2019

Nicola Bishop had started our gallery off with her family photographs of Easter at the Mill.

Glad to have received these pictures from Sandra Smith taken whilst enjoying The National Forest Walking Festival May 2019.  Thank you for sharing!

Thank you Sarah Huddleston for sharing your ‘Easter at the Mill’ pictures with us!  “We had such a lovely afternoon!  We are happy for our photos go on to the website.” April 2019.

Activities at Easter at the Mill, April 2019- By Sarah Huddleston
Easter Trail April 2019-By Sarah Huddleston
Activities at Easter at the Mill, April 2019- By Sarah Huddleston
Bird spotting at Easter at the Mill, April 2019- By Sarah Huddleston
Egg Hunting April 2019- By Sarah Huddleston
Pebble painting April 2019-By Sarah Huddleston

Oliver and Joshua having fun during Easter at the Mill event April 2019 from Emma Kendrick.

Children have the freedom to weigh their own sacks

Drone photos of Hough Mill by Clive Jones. See Hough Mill Today for more windmill photos.

Pauline Eveleigh‘s dog obviously enjoys Swannington’s heritage

Our sites look great all the year round, but are so different when it has been snowing. Debbi Payne is one of many who enjoys walking through our sites throughout the year.

Swannington Incline cutting in the snow - by Debbi Payne
The Incline in May - by Debbi Payne
Hough Mill an island in the snow, December 2017- by Debbi Payne
Hough Mill Fantail 2014-By Debbi Payne
Hough Mill viewed across snowy field, 27 December 2014-By Debbi Payne.
Church Lane Bridge on the Swannington Incline - by Debbi Payne

Great images of the Mill from Gary Hawthone which show what a great location for star gazing as no light pollution!

Mill in Starry Sky, Time Lapse Photography, April 2018- By Gary Hawthorne.
Mill in Starry Sky, Time Lapse Photography, April 2018- By Gary Hawthorne.
Hough Mill with red sky, April 2018- By Gary Hawthorne.

Clive Jones has also taken his drone to the Swannington Incline.

Outline of the winding engine house and cottages - by Clive Jones
A different perspective of the railway track - by Clive Jones
Railway track at the Swannington Incline - by Clive Jones
The pumping rods inspection engine from the former Calcutta pumping station - by Clive Jones

Thank you Christopher Sharpe for sending these great images of our Mill with the new sails.  Taken at our SailsFest event on 29th September 2019

Pictures below taken on the last of our Sunday afternoon openings as the sun set on the Mill.  Shared by Karan Sheffield, one of our Trustees.

Sunset Mill Pond Reflection 27th October 2019
Setting Sun On Mill 27th October 2019
Sunset Mill View 27th October 2019