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Swannington Organisations

The Swannington Archive has information on the Parish Council, the School and Isolation Hospital. There are active current organisations such as Swannington Open Gardens, Women’s Institute etc.

Swannington Isolation Hospital

In 1884 the Ashby Rural Sanitary Board built a smallpox isolation hospital behind the entrance to the Coleorton Railway tunnel off St George’s Hill.  It was no longer required in the 1930’s and since then has been a private residence, Highfield House.  In some ways the most noticeable element is its staffing:

  • Ann Platts, the caretaker who looked after the patients 1885-1912
  • Eleanor Walden, a uniformed nurse, 1912-1932 after which she moved to Ravenstone Hospital (almshouses).

The March 1997 edition of “Now and Then”, the Trust members’ magazine included an article on the isolation hospital. Download Isolation Hospital

The Isolation Hospital by Swannington Art Classes

Swannington School

Prior to the opening of the school building in 1862 children had been taught in a barn in Main Street.  Below are articles in “Now and Then”, the Trust members’ magazine describe life in the early days of the school.  To receive the magazines become a member of the Trust.

Schooling comes to Swannington a synopsis by Denis Baker

Samuel Phillips May the life of the former headmaster who spent 12 years at the school 1885-1897 by Lesley Hale

Schoodays in the Twenties reminiscences by Ray Fowkes

Schoodays in the Thirties reminisences by Eric Bullen (see the 1940 class 1 photo)

How school pupils looked back on 150 years Denis Baker’s account

If you attended the school, could you record your memories?  It would be great to have an account of each decade.

Swannington School 1890s, teachers Samuel May Phillips left and Ellen Chester right
Swannington School 1893, teacher Ellen Chester left. Can you name the others?
Swannington School 1897. Can you put a name to the faces?
Swannington School 1940, class 4, the youngest class
Swannington School 1940, class 3
Swannington School 1940, class 2
Swannington School 1940, class 1, the oldest class
Swannington School 1963 - can you name the faces?
Swannington School 1956 - are you in this photo?



Swannington Institute- Village Hall

Village Hall – Wyggeston Hospital provided the land in 1931 for the Miners Institute. Built by Lidwells Builders, it  was taken over by the Parish Council in 1949.

Village Hall