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Swannington has a very interesting social history tucked away within the Village Archive of photographs, documents, maps, paintings, newspaper cuttings and much more!  Would you like to know more about the:

  • Muscular Vicar who built an extension to his church?
  • Reason why Coleorton Baptist Chapel was built in Swannington?
  • Location of Swannington House, Home of Lady Beaumont, and why it is no longer there?
  • Swannington Streaker who was sentenced to a month of hard labour in the 1866?

Our dedicated volunteer team of archivists are processing it as fast as they can on alternate Monday evenings at the village hall.  We would welcome anyone who could spare some time to support us in this endeavour!  During 2019 the social history pages of this website will answer all these questions as we are adding to these pages regularly.