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Named after the Station built by the Midland Railway on the Midland Railway deviation to Ashby and Burton.  Prior to that it formed part of the Hinckley and Melbourne Road through the village.

Station Row

Station Row is on the left side of Station Hill when ascending the hill.   Joseph Chester, originally of Willow Farm in Main Street and later of Springfield House, Station Hill, built Station Row to rent out to tenants.

Charlie Toon recollected that there was a bakehouse behind the first house in Station Row.   Mothers sent their sons with the dough to be baked by Mr Swain who stamped numbers in the dough to identify the loaves after baking.

Raymond Fowkes 1920-2014 who grew up in Station Row during the 1920s and 1930s wrote about concessionary coal for miners.  It was delivered by horse and cart and tipped onto the road outside the house.  For the houses next to the entry in the middle they would use the entry to take the coal to the coal house in the back garden.  In other houses it was quicker and easier to carry the coal through the house then clean the house.  The women and children would do this before their exhausted men returned home after a hard working shift.  The large lumps were taken in first and used to build a wall to retain the smaller coals stacked behind it.  After nationalisation in 1949 the National Coal Board delivered the coal in lorries and carried sacks of coal to the coal house.   He also wrote about the low rents paid to the Chester family in the 1920s.

23 Station Hill, Swannington.
35 Station Hill, Swannington.
41 Station Hill, Swannington.

Elm Farm

Farmers at Elm Farm have included:

  • John Fewkes 1892-1901
  • Joseph Sheffield Shaw 1911-1918
  • Arthur Adcock 1918 onwards.
Elm Farm opposite the Robin Hood, no longer a working farm

Hollies Farm

Farmers at Hollies Farm have included:

  • John Henry Walker 1927-1963
Plan showing the four plots up for sale

Station Terrace

Station Terrace is near the top of the right side of Station Hill when ascending the hill.

68 Station Hill, Swannington.

Swannington Station

The Midland Railway bought the Leicester and Swannington Railway in 1846.  The new owners immediately set about extending the railway to Ashby de la Zouch and Burton on Trent.  Swannington station was built as part of the 1848 extension.

The passenger service ceased in 1951.  The site now houses permanent “mobile homes”.