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Approval Of Street Lighting 1945

Previous Rejections

Proposals for providing street lighting were made from 1936 or earlier but were rejected.

Special Parish Meeting 27th December 1945

Parish Meeting for the Parish of Swannington to be held in the Institute on Thursday December 27th 1945 at 7pm.


To consider and approve the amount required by the Parish Council for a lighting scheme for the Parish of Swannington under the Lighting and Watching Act 1833.

Signed John E R Dalby

Chairman of the Parish Council

Dated 18th December 1945

A Parish meeting as per the above notice was held in the Institute on Thursday December 27th 1945 at 7pm.

The notice convening the meeting was read by the clerk.


Mr. J. E. R. Dalby Chairman of the Parish Council presided, also present were Messrs. R. Hull, J. W. Rowley, W. Thorpe, A. G. Toon, T. Croson, Jos. Horne, L. Horne, G. H. Holloway, W. Davies, J. Neal, J. Armstrong, J. Hall, J. Hough, Mrs. J. Hirons, Mrs. G. Robinson, Mrs. W. Johnson, Miss E. E. Robinson and a number of others.


Proposed by Mr. Toon and seconded by Mr. Rowley that the minutes December 12th 1945 be passed as read.

Carried unanimously.

Lighting Scheme

Mr. Dalby explained the scheme for installing lights throughout the Parish, and the Leicestershire & Warwickshire Electric Power Co. Agreement was submitted as follows.

The Company would, without charge to the Council, erect and connect up to their existing transmission lines poles, suitable pole mounting type brackets, and such brackets would remain the property of and be maintained by the Company.  Each bracket would be fitted with a 150 watt lamp, giving an illumination of approximately 300 candle power, and would be lit from within half an hour after sunset until 11 p.m. during the season from the 1st September until the 30th April next following.  The Company would supply all electricity and attend to the cleaning, lighting and extinguishing of the lamps.  The Company would also provide, maintain and renew where necessary all electric lamps.  Their charge for the supply of electricity and for the services referred to the above would be £3 (Three Pounds) per lamp per annum.

The Parish Council plan and the positions of the lamps for the Parish, consisting of 39 Lamps at a cost of £117 per annum was submitted for approval, after a lengthy discussion.  Mr. W. Davies moved that the meeting accepts the Council scheme for 39 lamps at the cost of £117.  Mr. Jos Horne seconded.  The Resolution was put to the meeting, and carried unanimously.

Mr. Jos Horne moved a vote of Thanks to the Chairman which was seconded by Mr. Holloway.  Carried unanimously.