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Anchor Inn

Now a private residence on the corner of Anchor Lane and Loughborough Road.

In 1906 the Anchor Inn was owned by Offilers Brewery, founded in Derby by George Offiler in 1876.

Anchor Inn, corner of Anchor Lane and Loughborough Road, 1903 map

Landlords / Landladies

1841-1853 James Smith

The 1841 electoral register records James Smith at the Anchor Inn.

The 1853 Mellville & Co’s Directory & Gazetteer of Leicestershire lists James Smith at The Anchor, under Thringstone.

1861-1863 Richard Osborne

The 1861 census lists the occupants as:

  • Richard Osborne, 28 years, Publican, born Kegworth, Leicestershire
  • Ann Osborne, wife, 26 years, born Codnor Park, Nottinghamshire
  • Charles R Osborne, son, 3 years, born Codnor Park, Nottinghamshire
  • Abraham Smith, boarder, 19 years, Wagon Builder, place of birth unknown


The 1863 White’s Directory records Richard at the Anchor Inn

1871-1891 James Bradley

The 1871 Thringstone census records James Bradley at the Anchor Inn, Peggs Green, thus emphasising the challenge to researchers with areas on parish boundaries.  This is emphasised with the birth place of Oliver Bradley who was probably born at the Anchor Inn – Thringstone on the 1871 census and Swannington on the 1891 census.  The occupants in 1871 were:

  • James Bradley, 36, Miner and Licenced Victualler, born Thringstone
  • Ann Bradley, wife 32, born Worthington
  • Eliza A Bradley, daughter 12, Scholar, born Barrow on Soar
  • Bessy Bradley, daughter 9, Scholar, born Worthington
  • Joseph Bradley, son 7, Scholar, born Osgathorpe
  • Mark Bradley, son 5, Scholar, born Osgathorpe
  • Minnie Bradley, daughter 4, Scholar, born Osgathorpe
  • Sarah A Bradley, daughter 2, born Osgathorpe
  • Oliver Bradley, son 1, born Thringstone
  • Mary Bradley, niece 9 months, born Thringstone


The 1875  Barker and Company’s Directory and 1877 White’s Directory record James at the Anchor Inn.

The 1891 census lists the occupants as:

  • James Bradley, 56 years, Inn Keeper + Coal Miner, born Thringstone
  • Ann Bradley, wife, 53 years, born Griffydam
  • Sarah A Bradley, daughter, 22 years, Dressmaker’s Apprentice, born Osgathorpe
  • Oliver Bradley, son, 21 years, Collier’s Labourer, born Swannington
  • John Bradley, son, 16 years, Collier’s Labourer, born Swannington
  • Thomas Bradley, son, 14 years, Agricultural Labourer, born Swannington
  • James Bradley, son, 13 years, Scholar, born Swannington
  • William H Bradley, son, 11 years, Scholar, born Swannington


1901 Adolphus Bakewell

The 1901 census lists the occupants as:

  • Adolphus Bakewell, 35 years, Licensed Victualler + Frame Fitter + Wagon Maker?, born Packington
  • Mary Bakewell, wife, 36 years, born Meare, Somerset
  • Arthur Bakewell, son, 10 years, born Finchley, Middlesex
  • Frederick Bakewell, son, 9 years, born Islington, London
  • Albert Bakewell, son, 7 years, born Islington, London
  • Jim Bakewell, son, 6 years, born Thringstone
  • Clara Bakewell, daughter, 4 years, born Thringstone
  • Leonard Bakewell, son, 1 year, born Thringstone

The three youngest children were probably born at the Anchor Inn, which was just inside the Swannington Parish border.