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Jolly Colliers

Location – The Jolly Colliers in Thornborough Road about 50 yards (metres) from the junction with Spring Lane.  The Thornborough area transferred to Coalville Urban District Council in 1936 and more recently became part of Whitwick parish.

After the Jolly Colliers closed it became the Grosseto Pizzeria for a few years.

Landlords / Landladies

1871 William King

The 1871 census records

  • William King 24 Licenced Victualler, born Osgathorpe
  • Janet King 23 wife born Barrow on Soar
  • Florence King 1 daughter born Osgathorpe


1881 Frederick C Brown

Although the establishment is not named on the 1881 census, from its relationship to other properties it must be the Jolly Colliers:

  • Frederick C Brown, 34 Innkeeper, born Ashby
  • Sarah E Brown, wife, 33 born Ashby
  • Arthur Brown, son 12, born Whitwick
  • Frederick C Brown, son 6, born Thornborough
  • Alfred S Brown, son, 4, born Thornborough
  • Sarah J Brown, daughter 2, born Thornborough


1882-1887 Joseph Green

Ashby-de-la-Zouch Gazette – Saturday 02 December 1882 – ASHBY POLICE SATURDAY, Nov. 25 – Before Major Mowbray (Chairman), H. E. Smith, Esq., and the Hon. Paulyn Hastings.  The following transfers of licenses were granted, viz. :—The Castle Inn, Ashby, to Mr. Matthew Wm. Harrison ; the ” Queen Adelaide,” Appleby, to Charles Starbuck ; the ” Small Thorn,” Woodville, to Charles Morrison ; the ” Queen’s Head,” Heather, to Joseph Mason ; the Jolly Colliers,” Swannington, to Joseph Green ; the Railway Inn, Moira, to Joseph Carr ; and the beer license to sell off the premises, at Mushroom-lane, in the parish of Ashby, to Arthur Whyatt.

Ashby-de-la-Zouch Gazette – Saturday 27 November 1886 – LICENSING ACT – Joseph Green, of Swannington, beerhouse-keeper, was charged with having, on Sunday, the 7th Nov., kept his house open for the sale of liquor during prohibited hours.  Sergeant Garton having given evidence, Mr. Musson, who appeared for the defendant, called defendant, his wife, Mrs. Allen (who the constable had seen on the premises), and Elizabeth Jane Pollard, the servant, who would all positively swear that no beer was ever asked for, and that Mrs. Allen came in and asked for flour only.  The Magistrates, however, decided to convict, and inflicted a fine of 21s. and costs, but the conviction was not recorded on the license.  The summons against Mrs. Allen for being on licensed premises during prohibited hours was withdrawn.

Ashby-de-la-Zouch Gazette – Saturday 03 September 1887 – RENEWAL OF LICENCE – Joseph Green, of Swannington, who was convicted on the 20th October last year for infringing the licensing laws, on the 7th of the same mouth, and was fined a guinea and costs, was granted a license, Supt. Holloway stating that all had been going on well since.

1887 Isaac Bakewell

Ashby-de-la-Zouch Gazette – Saturday 26 November 1887 – ASHBY PETTY SESSIONS SATURDAY, Nov. 19 – Before H. E. Smith, Esq. the Hon Paulyn Hastings, and the Rev. W. B. Beaumont – Mr. Wilkins applied for the transfer of the license of the Royal Hotel, Ashby, from Mr. Gascoyne to Miss Preece, the present manageress. Granted.  Mr. Leonard. Stanley Betteridge applied for the transfer of the license of the New Inn, Woodville, lately held by Edward Toon. Granted.  The Rising Sun Inn, Woodville, was transferred from John Harrison to Thomas Martin Newbury.—The license of the Jolly Collier Inn, Swannington, transferred from Joseph Green to Isaac Bakewell.—The license of the Talbot Arms, Swannington, was transferred from Isaac Baker to Joseph Talbot Cockerill.A beer-off license house in Hugglescote from Maria Tillson to Wm. Harpur.—The Crown and Cushion, Whitwick, was transferred from John Parker to James Cummins.

1911 William Reeves

The 1911 census records William Reeves (62) a widower as the publican assisted by his sister Ellen (58) a widow and his son Thomas (19).
Also resident were his daughter in law Mary Reeves (36) and grandson Edwin (7).

Clubs and Societies

Ashby-de-la-Zouch Gazette – Saturday 30 August 1884 – SWANNINGTON – ODDFELLOWS’ ANNIVERSARYNo 16 Lodge of the Leicestershire Seraphic Order of Oddfellows, now in full organisation at the “Jolly Colliers,” held its anniversary in the lodge room on Saturday, when many officers and members were present.  After an excellent dinner had been discussed, Mr. Toon, P.G., P.S., of the Miners’ Hope Lodge, N.U., a visitor, was unanimously called to the chair, and being ably supported by Bro. F. C. Brown, a pleasant evening was spent.

A portion of the Snibstone Band, on this occasion led by Mr. Joseph Locker, gave great assistance, and their vocal contributions were very good.   A hearty vote of thanks to the Chairman, with a full compliment of musical honours, and his acknowledgement, brought the anniversary to a close.

Ashby-de-la-Zouch Gazette – Saturday 19 September 1885 – SWANNINGTON – CLUB ANNIVERSARY – The members of the Thornborough Leicestershire Seraphic Order of Oddfellows, No. 8, and a few invited friends, enjoyed their anniversary on Saturday. Thirty gentlemen sat down to a high-class spread, provided by Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Green, of the Jolly Colliers, which has been greatly enlarged and improved.

On the withdrawal of the cloth the chair was taken by Mr. F. C. Brown, the treasurer.  The pleasure of the occasion was greatly enhanced by the performance of a select programme of music by a portion of the Snibston Colliery Band, which admirably gave :- Selections, ” Martha ” ; ” Death of Nelson ” ; glee, ” Strike the lyre ” ; ” The Hallelujah Chorus ” ; valse, ” Cordelia ” ; march, ” The soldier’s last letter ” ; ” II Troviatore ” ; glee, ” Life’s a Bumper.”

The usual loyal toasts were patriotically given ; also, with musical honours, ” Messrs. Allsopp and Sons ” ; ” Messrs. T. Atkins and Son,” ” The Local Purveyors, Mr. W. B. Beckworth,” ” The Charnwood Mineral Water Manufactory, Whitwick,” ” The Treasurer,” and ” The Host and Hostess.”

The balance sheet was read by the secretary (Mr. Jas. Peace), showing, although there had been much sickness, the lodge was in a fair financial condition. A portion of routine business was gone through, when the members had a very enjoyable evening. The singing of the National Anthem concluded this anniversary.