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Robin Hood


The Robin Hood is at the bottom of Spring Lane at its junction with Clink Lane and Main Street.

The Robin Hood and Little John was a public house with a thatched roof.  The building burnt to the ground during the 19th century and was rebuilt as the Robin Hood.

The Robin Hood is still in business.

Landlords / Landladies

1849-1875 – Charles Hunt

Charles Hunt is in the Post Office Directory 1849

Barker & Co’s 1875 directory lists Charles Hunt at the Robin Hood and describes him as a Brewer.

1880 Sarah Lovett

Ashby-de-la-Zouch Gazette – Saturday 14 February 1880 – ASHBY PETTY SESSIONS, SATURDAY – Before H. Smith, and Geo. Moore, Esqrs.  The following transfers of licenses were: made : Bull’s Head, Ashby, to John Bett ; Flax Dresser, Ashby, to Henry Towle : Fox and Goose, Coalville, to William Butler ; Robin Hood, Swannington, to Sarah Lovett (widow of the late tenant), and the beer and wine license to sell off the premises from Mr. Whitehead, of Ashby to Frank Sutton.

1911 Stephen William Blythe

In 1911 the landlord was Stephen William Blythe (a former Markfield grocer) who lived in the nine room property with his wife Elizabeth.  They had been married 19 years and had a 16 year old son, William Kirby Blythe who was a fitter’s apprentice.

1912-1925 John George Lidwell

The Kellys Directories of 1912 and 1925 record John George Lidwell at the Robin Hood.  He was also a builder.

During the First World War John George joined the army reserve on the 12th December 1915, but wasn’t mobilised until the 24th May 1917.   After service in France he was declared “no longer physically fit for war service” and discharged on the 18th March 1918.  While in the army John George’s wife Clara Elizabeth (nee Fewkes) ran the Robin Hood while bringing up their children Ursula, John George, Henry Wright and Herbert.

1928 John Wilkins

The 1928 Kellys Directory places John Wilkins at the Robin Hood.

J G Lidwell at the Robin Hood Inn

Football Teams at the Robin Hood

Ashby-de-la-Zouch Gazette – Saturday 22 January 1881 – SWANNINGTON – SWANNINGTON ROBIN HOOD V. IBSTOCK – The return football match was played between the above clubs at Swannington on Saturday last, the ball being kicked off at five minutes to four by one of the visiting team.  After a few minutes good play the ball was quickly despatched through the visitors’ goal.  The ball was soon put in motion again, but the ground was in very bad condition for the players on account of the snow ; still both sides played well until nearly the call of half-time, when the home team secured for themselves another goal, which rather surprised the visitors.

Time being called for rest through the weather being cold, the ball was soon put in motion again, when some good play was shown by both sides, the visitors being nothing daunted, but neither sides could score the last half-time.  After one hour’s good play, the Robin Hood team came off victorious with two goals to none.

Both teams then adjourned to the Robin Hood, where all enjoyed themselves well ; song, toast, and ‘ sentiment being fully appreciated by them.  At seven o’clock the visitors returned to their respective homes, with three hearty cheers from the home team.

Players : Swannington—R. Lovett (captain), J. Glover, H. Glover, J. Nichols, G. Frearson, J. Frearson, S. Sprigg, G. Smith, W. Smith, T. Smith, G. Wardle, W. Wardle, T. Richards, T. Taylor, W. Smith (goal keeper), and W. Wardle, sen. (umpire).

Ibstock—E. M. Edwards (captain), R. Adcock, S. Adcock, W. Adcock, W. Belcher, W. Finney, W. Betteridge, W. Badcock, H. Ward, G. Woodward, G.Cherry, R. Matley, W. Ball, R. Preston, G. Cartwright, and T. Smith (umpire).

Note – Robert Lovett was the son of the Robin Hood’s landlady Sarah Lovett.

Ashby-de-la-Zouch Gazette – Saturday 15 October 1881 – SWANNINGTON – FOOTBALL. – SWANNINGTON v. COLEORTON: The members of the above clubs played their, first match for this season on Saturday, at Swannington. Some good play was shown on both sides, both teams working very friendly together.  During the first ” halftime ” one goal was made from a splendid kick by R. Lovitt, the ball being passed through the goal by H. Glover.  At the call of ” half-time ” ends were changed, and some very fast play was shown, neither sides scoring. At the call of ” time ” the home team came off victorious by one goal to nil.  Both teams adjourned to the ” Robin Hood,” where all enjoyed themselves. The players were :

  • Swannington —H. Glover (captain), R. Lovitt, G. Glover, W. Swain, S. Glover, G. Frearson, G. Walker, W. Robinson, G. Swain, T. Hibbert, G. Jessop, and H. Adcock.
  • Coleorton —M. Ball (captain), J. Williams, G. Whyman, A. Whyman, A. Matchett, G. Griffin, C. Bradshaw, S. Robinson, J. Wardle, S. Sprigg, T. Williams and H. Siddon.  Mr. J. Glover was umpire for both.

Ashby-de-la-Zouch Gazette – Saturday 08 December 1883 – SWANNINGTON – Football – The return football match between Swannington and Whitwick took place at Swannington on Saturday. At 3.40 the ball was kicked off by the Swannington team, and some good play was shown on both sides. The Swannington team made a very good shot at the visitors’ goal, which was quickly handled by the goal-keeper.

At half-time there was a few minutes rest, and when the ball was put in motion again some fast play was given by both sides. Swannington secured the first goal, after which many attempts were made by the same team to secure another goal. It was all in Swannington’s favour till close on time, when the Whitwick team secured a goal, and the match ended in a draw.

Both teams, well satisfied with the contest, then adjourned to Mrs. Lovett’s, the Robin Hood Inn, where refreshment was provided by the hostess. Song, toast, and sentiment were the order of the evening, and the meeting broke up at an early hour.  Players :

  • Swannington : R. Lovett (captain), Jos. Frearson, George Walker, William Wardle, Laban Glover, Josiah Glover, George Glover, Wm. Ward, J. Kendrick, J. Shaw, T. Richards, T. Williams, B. Frearson, and N. Siddons ; umpire, W. Wardle.
  • Whitwick : Henry Glover (captain), John Middleton, Thomas Utley, John Brown, Thomas Garrett, Thos. Hull, Andrew Clarke, William Curtis, Geo. Jeffcote, John Smith, John Willis, William Cook, Samuel Bernard, and J. White ; umpire, J. Faux.