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Best Dressed House 2023

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Coronation Of King Edward VII 1902

The coronation of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra was scheduled for the 26th June 1902.  It was postponed on the 23rd because the King had an operation, so it took place on the 9th August 1902.

Many of the foreign dignitaries attended a special service at St Paul’s cathedral on the 26th June and did not return in August.  Hardly surprising as many of them would have spent days or weeks travelling to London from all parts of the British Empire and other countries.

Edward was insistent that regional celebrations and a planned “Coronation Dinner for the Poor of London” should go ahead.  Sir Thomas Lipton, organised 500,000 dinners for Londoners on 5 July at 800 locations.  The King contributed £30,000 toward the cost.  Commercial companies and wealthy individuals also donated.   Rowntrees provided each diner with a tin of chocolate.

In Swannington, newly built 78 and 80 Hough Hill were named Coronation Cottages.

In 1911 number 78 was occupied by the Dennis family:

  • Albert Dennis , 32, a bricklayer in the building industry, whose father William had also been a bricklayer
  • Clara Dennis (nee Davis), 31, who had married on the 14th September 1907 at Hugglescote
  • Elsie May Dennis, 2
  • Bruce Dennis, 1
  • Frederick Davis, 22, boarder, brother of Clara, coal mine shifter

In 1925 father and son both named Albert Bruce Charles Dennis laid the bricks for Coalville Clock Tower, the memorial for the First World War in which Frederick served in the army.

Father and son both named Albert Bruce Charles Dennis the bricklayers for Coalville Clock Tower

Coronation King George V 1911

The coronation of King George V and Queen Mary took place at Westminster Abbey on the 22nd June 1911.

The Melton Mowbray Mercury and Oakham and Uppingham News of the 13th April 1911 reported on a parish meeting in Swannington school that decided to:

  • provide a coronation tea for about 500 children in the parish aged four to fourteen years,
  • provide a coronation tea for old people over 60 years of age,
  • finance the estimated £40 cost via a penny rate (which would raise £25) and subscriptions – the rate levy was contentious and approved by a vote of twelve to eight.

Swannington’s arrangements included New Swannington, although it is believed that separate events took place.

The Coalville Times of the 28th April 1911 reported on proposals for a mock coronation in New Swannington.  The Leicester Daily Post of the 23rd June 1911 reported on a service next to the school the tea for 300 children, a meat tea for the over 60’s, football and cricket matches and music from the Hathern Band.  Events took place in fields of James Richards of Manor Farm and Rhodes Blake of Willow Farm.

Coalville Times 28th April 1911 - proposed mock coronation at New Swannington
Leicester Daily Post 23rd June 1911 - report on coronation events in Swannington

Coronation George VI 1937

The coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth took place in Westminster Abbey on the 12th May 1937.

The programme for Swannington’s celebrations lists:

  • 2.45 Service in the school yard
  • 3.30 Tea for the Children in the Institute (the Miners’ Welfare Institute, now the Village Hall)
  • 4.30 Dinner for the Old Folks and Widows in the Institute
  • 8.00 Social
  • a variety of sports events
  • details of best dressed house competition

Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II 1977

Swannington held a best dressed house competition as part of the Silver Jubilee celebrations in 1977.

May and Alf Thurman outside Aunty May's Cottage, Main Street, 1977
Colliery House, Snibston No3 coal mine site 1977
Bernard and Sheila Kirk and their family at Colliery House 1977

Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II 2012

Swannington Parish Council coordinated events that included:

  • Colouring in pictures by the playgroup
  • School procession along Main Street
  • Provision of jubilee mugs to children resident in Swannington or attending the school
  • Decorating houses
  • Picnic in the grounds of The Grove

The additional bank holiday was used for the first Take Teddy To The Mill run by Swannington Heritage Trust.

Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II 2022

Swannington Parish Council, Coleorton Parish Council and Griffydam Community Group combined to hold a celebration event on the football field at Zion Hill, Peggs Green.  Hundreds of people attended to listen to the music, join in traditional games, see heritage exhibitions and generally have a good time socialising with friends, neighbours and family.


Folk musicians
Listening to the music
Tractors and vintage cars
Splat the rat
Coconut shy
Bouncy castle
Heritage exhibitions
Swannington celebrating previous royal events
Swannington celebrating previous royal events