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Swannington Festival 1982

In 1981 Parish Councillor, Denis Baker, asked the Parish Council what they were going to do to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Robert Stephenson’s 1832 Leicester and Swannington Railway. Their response was to thank him for offering to put a group of people together to plan an event. Little did they realise that Denis with his incredible energy would lead the group into organising a week long Swannington Festival in 1982.

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Swannington Heritage Trust

The Swannington Festival was so successful that the organisers were encouraged to establish a formal heritage organisation and acquire heritage sites within the village. It took a lot of preparation, but in 1984 Swannington Heritage Trust came into being.

The Trust’s aims were to acquire, maintain, and preserve sites of industrial and environmental interest in and around the village for the benefit of present and future generations and to provide facilities for the study and research of the village’s history and archaeology.  The Trusts formation in 1984 allowed it to purchase the site of Swannington Incline Plane, the first of five of the most important of those sites acquired by the Trust.

We are hoping to be celebrating the Trust’s 35th anniversary this year with the adding of sails to our beautifully restored Mill.  We await planning permission with great anticipation!

***Stop Press***

We are delighted to confirm planning permission for Framework Sails has been granted!  Our Mill Team have already started their preparations!  We will share progress and pictures on our Facebook, Twitter and Website.