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Thinking of volunteering?  We have something for everyone and everyone welcome!  See below for a sample of what we get up to… 

Swannington Heritage Trust’s many successes all result from the hard work of our wonderful volunteers.  Everyone’s contribution whether skilled or unskilled, big or small is appreciated and helps the Trust achieve its goals.  We always need more volunteers, If you are able to offer your time we will happily meet to discuss the right role for you.  To find out more about volunteering opportunities please  Contact The Trust


Help us share a treasure trove of documents and photos. 

We need people who can learn to catalogue and index the material in the archive cupboard.  Also people with a long memory of Swannington people and events who can help us identify who is doing what in some of the photos!  Come along to an Archives Group to find out more!

Cataloguing documents
Indexing people in documents
Subject trays in archive cupboard



Help us set strategic goals, plan how to achieve them, liaise with volunteer teams and manage the legal aspects of the charity.

Our committee members do much more than deliberate at committee meetings, they are involved in all areas of the Trust’s activities.  Enquire about joining our management committee.

Committee Member and Weekend Volunteer Team Coordinatorat Snibston No3
Committee Members staff a publicity stand at LAHS History Fayre, Beaumanor
Committee Members finding the hidden culvert Swannington Incline
Committee Member and Events Coordinator



We need you!  Help us make heritage fun for everyone.

We are always grateful for extra people to park cars, set up gazebos, supervise children trying out our craft activities and industrial machines, staff stalls, serve refreshments etc.  Some do amazing things such as bring their own sheep, but this isn’t compulsory for volunteers!  Come and join the fun as part of our Events Team.

These ladies make items and sell them
Tell visitors how to look after sheep
Help children make Christmas crafts



Help us work with nature to manage our 14 acres of woodlands and acid grass heathland.

Whether you have a gardening, woodland or environmental experience, or you just fancy working outdoors with nature. Come and join our Land Management Team.

Pruning thorns in an area aimed at children
Pulling tangled branches
Pruning gorse bushes to stimulate new growth
Planting a hawthorn hedge
Time for a break



Help us tackle the varied jobs that occur on our estate.

You may have building, decorating or DIY expertise, or you would just like to assist others get the jobs done, there are always lots of jobs that need doing such as painting a 140 year old engine or mining wheel, erecting fences, putting up signs or whatever crops up. Come and join our Land Management Team.

Repairing a patch of concrete
Removing a lump of old concrete
Repairing a handrail for the steps



Help us welcome visitors with a friendly greeting.

If you enjoy meeting new people you could be the person we are seeking to welcome visitors to Hough Mill, help them find their way about and the information they are looking for, then leave with a smile on their face. Come and join our Mill Guides.

Helping children use the winch
Supervising the toasted marshmallows
Finding time to clean the dough divider



Help us maintain and restore Hough Mill.

If you are an experienced carpenter or have similar expertise you could help us add a brake drum to the brakewheel, refurbish machinery and tackle the multitude of tasks associated with a 200 year old windmill and visitor centre.  Come and join our Mill Maintenance Team.

Making and testing the sack hoist
Moving the grain bins and pulpit
Cutting wood accurately
Making the gin pit headstock
Ensuring the joints fit
Completing the brakewheel
Brakewheel Installation Team October 2012
Chain hoist hauling brakewheel teeth to the cap
The oak timbers in the brakewheel were very heavy