Hough Mill open 2-5pm every Sunday from 7th April . . . . . . . . The Trust is leading four walks in the National Forest Walking Festival 18th-30th May - see Diary . . . . . . . . Swannington History pages updated with details of the school and public houses . . . . . . . .

Every year hundreds of visitors flock to our popular Family Heritage Events. They provide an opportunity to meet family and friends, while exploring our 200 year old restored windmill and our beautiful woodlands that used to be coal mining sites.

If you are new to our events then download an event PDF to find out more.

We take photos to publicise our events on our website and Hough Mill social media pages. We enjoy publishing photos sent in by our visitors.

Contact Katrina via events@swannington-heritage.co.uk or 07779 275762 to find out more.