. . . . . . . . Hough Mill open 2-5pm Sundays to end of September . . . . . . . . . .

Welcome To The Gorse Field Children’s Trail

Page being developed July 2021

There is also a Califat Spinney Children’s Trail next door.

Turn The Horse Gin

Hundreds of years ago miners and coal were raised to the surface by a horse gin.  Ask an adult to demonstrate this by reaching up to the end of the horizontal bar and walking in a circle.

Bent And Twisted Trees

Most trees usually grow straight, however some trees are shaded by larger trees and scrub, so they grow at all sorts of interesting angles as they search for sunlight.  Can you find these interesting trees?

Take the path next to the noticeboard and search for this bent silver birch
Find the clay pit south of the mill pond to search for this bent silver birch
Follow the public footpath down the Gorse Field and take the second minor path on the left
From the horse gin take the path to the bottom of the Gorse Field, at the bottom follow the perimeter path to the left

Climb On Trees

Find our fallen climb on trees and see if you can balance all the way from one end to the other.

This fallen, but still living willow tree, is near the mill pond
Follow the path from the noticeboard and look for a path into the woodland on the left


Visitors are welcome to pick ripe fruit for their personal use.  Blackberries in August and September, apples in September.

Pick blackberries during August and September - eat now or take home and bake in a pie.
Find the apple tree next to the public footpath going down the hill