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Hello Heritage – Heritage On Your Doorstep

North West Leicestershire District Council’s Hello Heritage festival, NWLDC have generously financed the production of information boards for towns and villages.  These enable people to find out more about the history that is “on their doorstep”.

A list of participating villages is on the Heritage on your doorstep page of the NWLeics website.  There are also video clips that include our Trust sites.

The 2023 Hello Heritage boards focus on the north of the village – Loughborough Road, Califat Spinney and St Georges Hill and will be on display until the 17th September 2023.

If you have photographs, memories and other material that you can share with the Trust, please contact us via the History and Archives option on the Contact page.

Volunteers erecting information board on St George's Hill
Volunteers erecting information board on Anchor Lane
Hello Heritage 2023 map

Loughborough Road – East Of Peggs Green Roundabout

Although Loughborough Road has a Coleorton postal address, it is very much in Swannington with the parish boundary running behind the back gardens of the houses on the north side of the road.  There are four boards:

Anchor Inn – Anchor Lane – corner of Anchor Lane and Loughborough Road.  More information on Anchor Inn

St Georges Church – Built for the people of Swannington and Thringstone – north side of Loughborough Road opposite the church yard.  When the church was built in 1825 Peggs Green was part of Thringstone parish.  More information on St George’s Church

Kirbys Post Mill – Swannington Common – on the railings near the Peggs Green roundabout.  The post mill was operated by Thomas and Mahala Kirby until they died in 1891.  More information on Mill Family – Kirby

Mees Blacksmiths Forge – Swannington Common – near the roundabout.  More information on Loughborough Road

Anchor Inn
St Georges Church
Mees Blacksmiths Forge
Kirbys Post Mill

Loughborough Road – West Of Peggs Green Roundabout

There are two boards:

Tugbys Lane and the Coleorton Railway Tunnel – More information on Coleorton Railway and New Inn

Olga Terrace – Loughborough Road – More information of former residents and the mysterious Olga on Loughborough Road

Tugbys Lane and the Coleorton Railway
Olga Terrace

Califat Spinney

At the moment there is a single board at the Califat Spinney car park on the Southwell Walker Drive access track to Hough Mill.

The Coal Connected Empire Of Swannington, Linby And South East England – More information Gray Family

The coal connected family of Swannington Linby and south east England

St Georges Hill

There are three boards that have been reused from previous years:

Tan Yard’s Footballing Sunday School Teacher and the Navy Hero – Pickering and James – More information on Pickering family and James family

Coleorton and Swannington’s Montana Trailblazer! – Berkin Family – More information on Berkin family

Swannington To The Core – Barkby Family – More information on Barkby family

Tan Yard's Footballing Sunday School Teacher And Navy Hero - Pickering and James Families
Coleorton and Swannington's Montana Trailblazer! - Berkin Family
Swannington To The Core - Barkby Family

Corner Jeffcoats Lane and Main Street

One reused board

From Limby Hall To Hough Hill And Beyond – Hall Family – More information on Hall family

From Limby Hall To Hough Hill And Beyond - Hall Family
Board at corner of Main Street and Jeffcoats Lane, the Hall family lived at Limby Hall 1850s to 1943 or later

Help Preserve Swannington’s Heritage For Future Generations

There are so many ways that everyone can contribute to this unique heritage.  You could help Swannington Heritage Trust by:

  • Sharing photographs of Swannington’s heritage.
  • Writing down your memories of Swannington 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years ago.
  • Scanning the deeds of your house and supplying a digital copy.
  • Transcribing old documents.
  • Researching, painting or drawing Swannington’s history – see our missing images page.
  • Joining one of the Trust’s volunteer teams (mill, land, events, archive).
  • Becoming a Trust member and thus providing financial support.

Contact Swannington Heritage Trust and play your part in preserving village heritage for future generations.

Help Preserve Swannington's Heritage For Future Generations