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John Hough 1826-1917

Early Life

John was born at Moira, one of the nine children of William Hough and Jane Payne.   In 1841 the family was living in the Rawdon Arms, Moira and his father was a publican, brickmaker and farmer.   The family were still at the Rawdon Arms in 1851, William being described as a brickmaker, publican and farmer of 235 acres employing 16 labourers.  Jane was the landlady.  John was a clerk at Moira Colliery.

John was still a clerk at Moira Colliery in 1861.   He was living with his older sister Elizabeth, who was the innkeeper at the Bath Hotel, Moira.

Land Steward for the Beaumonts of Coleorton Hall

John served successive generations of Sir George Beaumont for more than 40 years:

  • Census 1871 – Land Steward, living in Church Town, Coleorton
  • Census 1881 – Farm Steward to Sir G Beaumont bart, living in Church Town, Coleorton
  • Census 1891 – Land Steward and Farmer, living in Church Town, Coleorton
  • Census 1901 – Estate Agent, living in Church Town, Coleorton
John Hough, Miller John Hough, Windmill Owner

Will of John Hough

The provisions of John Hough’s will dated 7th August 1915:

  • Daughters Flora Payne Hough and Ann Poyser Hough – household effects and £16 10 shillings from an insurance policy with Prudential Assurance on his life.
  • Son William Hough – Bensons bible commentary in three volumes.
  • Son John George Hough – Life of Christ in one volume, Plato by Jowett in five volumes
  • Sons William Hough, John George Hough – silver watches, guns, walking sticks and wearing apparel
  • All my children including my daughter Jane Maria – all the real estate

His daughter, Eliza, was not mentioned in the will. She may have died shortly beforehand, this is still being researched.

Probate value £1,525 14s 8d resworn as £1,690 19s 8d

Hough Family and Swannington Heritage Trust

During the early years of the Trust one member of the Hough family was a member of the Trust management committee for several years.  Another served as Trust secretary for five years.

Audrey Griffiths lent the Trust a number of documents which were copied for research purposes.  The late Harry Chester Hough allowed the Trust to copy the 1877 auction poster.  Visit Hough Mill on summer Sunday afternoons to see the facsimile of the auction poster and the mill’s restoration.

Sale of Smock Mill at Mr Cox's New Inn Thringstone

John Hough Marriage And Children

John married Jane Taylor at St Peter’s Church, Derby on the 21st May 1866.

Prior to her marriage Jane had two daughters (Eliza and Jane Maria) by unknown fathers  and they were both lived with John and their mother until their respective marriages and took the Hough name.   John could have been their biological father and belatedly “did the right thing” and married their mother or he could have just obtained three ladies for the price of one when he married.

John seems to have treated the girls as his own.  They replaced the Taylor surname with Hough and John Hough is listed as Jane Maria’s father on her marriage certificate.   

Children of John Hough

Eliza Taylor (Hough) – Born 1854, married Jonathan Thompson a carter / wagoner working for the Beaumonts of Coleorton Hall.  They lived at the former Gin Stables in the Gelsmoor area of Worthington parish (because of its proximity to the parish boundary, some people believe this is part of Coleorton).

Jane Maria Taylor (Hough) – Born 1860, in 1893 at Coleorton Jane Maria married Walter Henry Chester from a Swannington farming family.  In 1901 and 1911 they were at the Railway Inn on the corner of Main Street and the Tan Yard, where Walter combined the role of publican with that of farmer.  

Flora Payne Hough – Born 1867, remained a spinster.  Lived in the family home until at least 1911.  In 1939 living in Main Street, Swannington with sister Jane Maria and brother William.  Died in Laburnum Cottages, Main Street in 1954.

William Hough – Born 1868, remained a Bachelor.  Became a farmer in Newbold near the Cross Keys and Smoile Farm. Died in Main Street, Swannington in 1943.

Ann Poyser Hough – Born 1870, remained a spinster.  After the death of her father, continued to live in Hill House, Church Town, Coleorton until her death in March 1939.

John George Hough – Born 1872 and became a butcher.  Married milliner Annie Lakin in 1894,  in 1901 and 1911 was a publican at the Bull’s Head, Main Street, Swannington.