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Hello Heritage – Heritage On Your Doorstep

Instead of the usual tours and walks for the North West Leicestershire District Council’s Hello Heritage festival, NWLDC have generously financed the production of information boards for towns and villages.  These enable people to find out more about the history that is “on their doorstep”.  The boards are an imaginative response to these coronavirus times and do not constitute a trail.  Just stop and browse while walking around the village.

A list of participating villages is on the Heritage on your doorstep page of the NWLeics website.  There are also video clips that include our Trust sites.


Swannington’s eight boards feature the “extraordinary, ordinary people of Swannington” – coal miners, dressmakers, fathers and mothers who worked hard to bring up their families.  Have a look at the boards below.

A synopsis of family information is on the Families page.  Some families have their own page, but even then there are limits as to how much the Trust can publish on the website, so it is worth checking if there is additional information in the archive.

If you have photographs, memories and other material that you can share with the Trust, please contact us via the History and Archives option on the Contact page.

Swannington To The Core – Barkby Family

The coal mining Barkby family spread through St George’s Hill and Hough Hill, diversifying occupations and travelling to far flung corners of the world during wartime.  Read more about the Barkby family.

Swannington To The Core - Barkby Family
Board outside The Knoll, 64 Hough Hill where the Barkby family lived in 1939

Coleorton and Swannington’s Montana Trailblazer! – Berkin Family

Two branches of the Berkin family with an 18th century connection.  One stayed in Leicestershire and stayed on St George’s Hill, the other trailblazed, mined and farmed in Montana, United States of America.  Read more about the Berkin family.

Coleorton and Swannington's Montana Trailblazer! - Berkin Family
Board outside 71 St George's Hill where the Berkin family lived in 1939

Dressed To Impress! – Brewin Family

When your near neighbours are your family!  The Brewin families lived very close to each other.  Moving within the village and even to adjacent houses.  Very handy when preparing for a family wedding.  Read more about the Brewin family.

Dressed To Impress! - Brewin Family
Board at the Station Inn car park, the Brewin family lived in Forest View Villas, 38-40 Hough Hill in 1911, then all four of the Gladstone Villas houses, 82-88 Hough Hill in 1939

Prairie Pioneers!  From Main Street To Manitoba – Fewkes Family


Read more about the Fewkes Family.

Prairie Pioneers!  From Main Street To Manitoba - Fewkes Family
Board at corner of Main Street and Church Lane, Sarah Jane Haywood (nee Fewkes) lived in Main Street in 1901 and 1911

Swannington Brothers Seafarers Of The World – Fowkes Family

A family of shoemakers and coal miners who have lived in Swannington and district for more than 200 years.  During and after the Second World War three brothers swopped their lives as a librarian, bricklayer and engineer to travel the world by sea during their navy and army service.  Read more about the Fowkes family.

Swannington Brothers Seafarers Of The World - Fowkes Family
Board outside Hough Hill Cottages, 46 Hough Hill, Fowkes family lived at number 42 at least 1939-1967

From Limby Hall To Hough Hill And Beyond – Hall Family

The coal mining family Hall from Limby Hall, lived in Swannington for more than a century while coal mining in the village was at its peak.  Read more about the Hall family.

From Limby Hall To Hough Hill And Beyond - Hall Family
Board at corner of Main Street and Jeffcoats Lane, the Hall family lived at Limby Hall 1850s to 1943 or later

Tan Yard’s Footballing Sunday School Teacher And Navy Hero – Pickering and James Families

Kathleen Pickering was born into Tan Yard poverty.  The family moved to Red Hill farm when her brother worked there.  In later life Kath played football and ran the Wesleyan Chapel Sunday School.  Read more about the Pickering family.

Sidney James was a stock room hand in a Coalville elastic web factory who joined the navy during the Second World War.  His ship was sunk and 469 men died, yet Sid survived.  He married Kath Pickering and they lived on St George’s Hill.  Read more about the James family.

Tan Yard's Footballing Sunday School Teacher And Navy Hero - Pickering and James Families
Board outside village hall, Kath Pickering born nearby in Tan Yard, Kath married Sid James and lived on St George's Hill

Help Preserve Swannington’s Heritage For Future Generations

There are so many ways that everyone can contribute to this unique heritage.  You could help Swannington Heritage Trust by:

  • Sharing photographs of Swannington’s heritage.
  • Writing down your memories of Swannington 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years ago.
  • Scanning the deeds of your house and supplying a digital copy.
  • Transcribing old documents.
  • Researching, painting or drawing Swannington’s history – see our missing images page.
  • Joining one of the Trust’s volunteer teams (mill, land, events, archive).
  • Becoming a Trust member and thus providing financial support.

Contact Swannington Heritage Trust and play your part in preserving village heritage for future generations.

Help Preserve Swannington's Heritage For Future Generations
Board on school grounds fence, can you share your school photographs and memories?