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After removing hundreds of tons of debris, this former coal mine was planted in the mid 1990’s. Some of the trees are from an earlier date as they were part of the Colliery House garden.

Make sure you check out the area behind the large mining wheel in May to appreciate the primroses. There is interest throughout the year with new shoots from coppiced hazels and willows, wild roses, dogwoods, conkers on the horse chestnut trees and the red bark of the dogwoods.

Weekend Volunteers at Snibston No 3

Since June 2018 the newly formed Weekend Volunteer Team has been busy conserving the nature at the Snibston No 3 former coal mine site.  Key tasks undertaken have included:

  • Thinning the trees and shrubs along the western border to promote new growth, allow sunlight into the public footpath and improve the views of the village – look carefully and you can see Hough Mill.
  • Coppicing the overgrown hazels next to the public footpath and the car park area, so that their growth cycle can recommence.
  • Thinning the trees behind the large mining wheel so that the primroses and other flowers will have more light and not be overwhelmed by the volume of leaves.
  • Using all the cut down material to strengthen the site borders with dead hedges that provide great homes for countless small species.  The dead hedges also stop people from breaking through fences – it’s amazing that Swannington has more footpaths per square mile than virtually any parish in England, yet people feel a need to damage property instead of walking a short distance to a legitimate route.
  • A lot of snowdrops and primroses have been split and transplanted to increase numbers and spread them into new areas.

They have been doing a great job and meet on site at 10am on the second Saturday of the month.