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Talbot Arms


The Talbot Arms was situated at the very end of Talbot Lane at its junction with Thringstone and Whitwick, right on the edge of the pre 1936 Swannington boundary.

The Talbot Arms was decommissioned as a public house in 1931.  The property is now a private house.

The Friends of Thringstone have been very helpful in providing information, including the photograph of the White family outside the Talbot Arms.  The board above the door has James White’s name.  It would be wonderful if anyone could put names to the faces.

White family outside Talbot Arms - photo from Friends of Thringstone


1854-1881 Samuel Wilson Hallam who went on to run the Queen’s Head in Thringstone

1879 George Peters – Ashby-de-la-Zouch Gazette – Saturday 22 November 1879 – The following temporary licenses were granted, viz., of the Railway Inn, Moira, to Henry Cheatle ; of the Hermitage, Whitwick, to Robert Wilkes ; and of the Talbot Arms, Swannington, to George Peters.

1884 John Bail – Ashby-de-la-Zouch Gazette – Saturday 29 November 1884 – ASHBY PETTY SESSIONS Saturday Nov 22 – Before Major Mowbray and H. E. Smith Esq.  This was a special sessions for the transfer of licences, when the following transfers were granted, vis. : – The Railway Inn, Moira to Eliza Carr ; The New Inn, Ashby, to William Adcock ; the Nelson Inn, Woodville, to Dan Jones ; the White Horse, Whitwick, to Amos Bloomfield ; beerhouse off premises, formerly occupied by Thomas Williamson to Thomas Belcher ; the Talbot Arms, Swannington, to John Bail ; the Beaumont Arms, Whitwick, to Samuel Fowles ; and the Boot Inn, Seals to Thos. Jones

1885 Isaac Bakewell – Ashby-de-la-Zouch Gazette – Saturday 22 August 1885 – ASHBY PETTY SESSIONS SATURDAY, AUG. 15 – Before Major Mowbray, A. E. Smith, Esq., and the Rev. W. B. Beaumont. – The following ” temporary authorities ” were granted, viz., of the Talbot Arms, Swannington, to Isaac Bakewell ; of the beerhouse at Newton. from William Kirby to Benjamin Jackson ; and of the Beaumont Arms, Whitwick, to Joseph Gill.  Application was made for the temporary authority of the ” Duke of Newcastle ” from Mary Cheatle to James Maloney, but it was refused.

Ashby-de-la-Zouch Gazette – Saturday 05 September 1885 – ASHBY PETTY SESSIONS SATURDAY, AUG. 29 – Before Major Mowbray, H. E. Smith, Esq., the Hon. Paulyu Hastings, and the Rev. W. B. Beaumont.  This was a special Sessions for the transferring of licenses, when the following applications were granted, viz.:—To Joseph Gill, of the Beaumont Arms, Whitwick ; to John Arnold, of the Duke of Newcastle, Whitwick ; to Coniah Calow, of the White Horse, Whitwick ; to Emily Newman, of the Three Horse Shoes, Whitwick ; to Isaac Bakewell, of the Talbot Arms, Swannington ; to Benjamin Jackson, of the beerhouse on premises at Swepston ; and to Robert Hargreaves, of the Fox, Thringstone. This was also the annual Brewster Sessions, and with two exceptions all the licenses were renewed without the personal attendance of the holders of the same being required.

1887 Joseph Talbot Cockerill – Ashby-de-la-Zouch Gazette – Saturday 26 November 1887 – ASHBY PETTY SESSIONS SATURDAY, Nov. 19 – Before H. E. Smith, Esq. the Hon Paulyn Hastings, and the Rev. W. B. Beaumont – Mr. Wilkins applied for the transfer of the license of the Royal Hotel, Ashby, from Mr. Gascoyne to Miss Preece, the present manageress. Granted.  Mr. Leonard. Stanley Betteridge applied for the transfer of the license of the New Inn, Woodville, lately held by Edward Toon. Granted.  The Rising Sun Inn, Woodville, was transferred from John Harrison to Thomas Martin Newbury. – The license of the Jolly Collier Inn, Swannington, transferred from Joseph Green to Isaac Bakewell.—The license of the Talbot Arms, Swannington, was transferred from Isaac Baker to Joseph Talbot Cockerill.

1897 Ned Hicken – which is why some people call that stretch of Talbot Street Ned Hicken’s Hill

1901 James White – The 1901 census lists the White family (all born in Whitwick) as the occupants of the Talbot Arms:

  • James White, 44, Coal Miner Hewer
  • Sarah White, wife, 43
  • Thomas White, son, 21, Coal Miner Hewer
  • David White, son, 18, Bricklayer
  • Robert White, son, 17, Coal Miner Tonger
  • Joseph White, son, 15, Coal Miner Tonger
  • Luke White, son, 12
  • Ellen White, daughter 10
  • Julia White, daughter 9
  • James White, son, 7
  • Ada White, daughter, 4
  • Harold White, son 2

With 10 children no wonder the family liked the opportunity of raising a few extra shillings by selling beer in their front room.

1916-28 William Burton